About Us

about decode



Clean, natural, high-performance products designed for men. That’s what we do best.

Here are the basic principles we believe in:

Men should have their own personal care products designed to make daily grooming easier.

Decode is designed by men, for men. You shouldn’t have to beg, borrow, and steal your partner’s products! We make it easy to get the look you want with the convenience you need.

Personal care products should make you feel good, look good, and should work the way they say they will.

We believe that natural shouldn’t mean sacrificing performance and quality; our products are designed with highly effective formulas that deliver the results you expect while keeping you feeling clean and fresh.

Grooming products should only contain the highest quality ingredients with no harmful chemicals.

With Decode, you can get ready confidently knowing that there are no synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals hiding anywhere in your daily routine. For everything from body cleansing and shampoo, to shaving and hair styling products, Decode products take the guesswork out of what you are putting on your body.